Foxy Fay Nail File

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I have seen the face of sexy and it is Fay. She is not your typical love-lorn gal – she sees roses as romantic as flyspray, and chocolates about as much fun as a germ in a bath of disinfectant! Don’t try and fob her off with these - she may wish you well but mostly she’ll wish you well away!! You could try diamonds and offers of tropical delights - Yes, she knows you can’t buy love, but she won’t be offended if you try!

Pamper your hands and nails with these fabulous nail files – so beautiful to look at you might hesitate to even use them – buff, polish and smooth – your nails never looked so good.

Hold the file between your thumb and finger, with long even strokes move your wrist up and down across the nail bed until desired shape is achieved.

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