An alluring New Idea- Glamourflage Lipstick Featured in Beauty pages of Australia’s most popular magazine!!

Here at Glamourflage we are campaigners of classic Glamour and Natural looking beauty.


It is with great triumph we feel, that finally others in the glamorzon are listening!


Being included in a great feature in this week’s New Idea, the entire how to knowledge you need to pull off a great classic look!

Needless to say that our Lou Allure lip colour range is right at the top when it comes to natural looking colours.


Her smooth palette is toned in a splash of colour, a flash of light…hypnotise your admirers and mesmerise your fans – for as Glamourflage always advises…if in doubt, pout!


You don’t need to pack on the make-up to be a goddess, just use product to highlight the beauty you already have

Make-Up is a way for a Woman to look and feel like herself, only Prettier and more confident”- wise words from Bobbi brown.

Miss Brown we salute you!


For more information get the February 25th issue of New Idea, Feature article on Page 63


 Glamourflage Girl

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