Our Beginning

In Old Mother England, the home of class, Glamourflage’s creator, Imogen Day, was born. What followed was a childhood filled with whimsical fancy and an adolescence of girly pampering and makeovers.

Through these makeovers, Imogen became obsessed with quality products and flirty, pin-up girl beauty.

Following some light studying at Cambridge University, Imogen then travelled the world, working as a business consultant. She quickly fell in love with Australia and soon after, relocated to Sydney. It wasn’t long though, before her classy English background and passion for retro style drew her to the city that perfectly combines both; Melbourne.

Melbourne’s beauty and culture was intoxicating!

Imogen soon realized she spent more time daydreaming about the fun and glamour of 1940s and 50s pin up girls, than she did thinking about business. If only she could combine the two…

With this daydream Glamourflage was born, a company that infuses quality skincare and make-up with the flirty personality and class of a 1940/50s pin up girl.